This is why India can’t have a Justin Bieber


While scrolling down the feeds of social media, one news which can be spotted continuously is ‘Justin-Bieber’s-Purpose-Tour’. Quite appreciable and nice but why can’t we have such singers at a good scale? There is no lack of talent in the country and no lacking from the side of children on the part of their growth, it’s society who doesn’t want to grow.

“Singer? Who’ll give you a job? Eh. No. Do something worth mentioning and then follow your passion?”

Isn’t this most of us have heard while growing? Maybe many of you might not go with the statement but ask those who couldn’t fulfill all their dreams.

Age a factor? Yes!

You are in 12th? Leave your passion and focus on studies? Exams approaching? Leave it all, study. No matter what you are good at, studies will never leave you and it pulls you from your passion. So who is to be blamed? The system or the society? Both, I think so.
And in our country, success is related to the age. Older the age, better the success. Such an irony, the richest old people who say ‘you are young, study to earn good, this passion is not going to take you to places’ are attending a concert of a young one.

Media and Society? Another factor!

No judgments here though, but why can’t we think of a name when it comes to great-teenage-Indian-singers? It’s always mentioned that how amazing the singers are on reality TV shows but who knows the struggle? Who knows where they are landed? Who knows where they are struggling even after trying so hard to meet the demands. Where they are after the shows? Its Media and Growth of the society that creates them.

Respect the passion or pennies?

Talking about our country’s position, its great with technology, educated people and better in most of the fields like acting, but singing? It is still not one of the most respected areas because “You’ll sing? Like What Else? Just singing and no job?” . It is said to be that one area in our country where everyone-can-do-good. No. Take it seriously, every singer is a gem and gem have their values not of the money they have got.


It’s always mentioned that a child knows how to speak, dance and sing when he is born, but it takes hard work, support and  courage to grow with it.  To accept it as a career in a country like ours? Big thing.  Frankly, there is no media coverage except of that one day when a child wins something. That too after you put a lot of money to get him/er covered.  What happened next? No one knows.

Singing is one difficult task to do and in today’s world, anyone who is ‘someone’ is asked to sing. Thanks to auto-tunes and filters. And when you talk about amazing singers like Justin Bieber, he got it all when he was still a teenager. His work was appreciated, his age didn’t matter, his passion did. So when we stand in one of the highest populated countries and so much of culture, is it still believed that we lack talent? Better think twice. While some, just do great at a young age and carry potential , some are just ignored by the society.

The credits for the growth are basically with the efforts of the individual and social media and YouTube to be specific. At least without putting a lot of demanded money, they can just work for their passion. And that is the reason, most of the singers are trying to get known for their work through social media.

It is not about any competition with the outer world, its us, who need grooming in our own pieces of perfection. Its all on us that how we take it and how we accept the little changes and support it.