What Should Be Your Hairstyle, According To Your Zodiac Sign?


Dying to change your hairstyle but couldn’t decide on anything? Read on to find what goes with your personality, based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries


Aries are determined enthusiasts and they will not let hair get in their way. They need something that reflects their confidence and passion and something that lets them stand out. They also prefer to dress comfortably which makes top knots and messy buns perfect. Also, the effortless and casual way it looks conveys their personality.

 2. Taurus


Taureans are known for their practicality and their patience. This would be a real help when they need to hone their braiding skills. They are devoted too, which makes intricate braids the perfect hairstyle for them. And these would be really pragmatic in hot summers!

3. Gemini


Geminis are all about evolving and improving themselves and their ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas comes in really useful when styling their hair. These curious beings incorporate these ideas and keep changing their hairstyle regularly, setting hair goals for everyone! Their creativity and resources are the only limits.

4. Cancer


Who doesn’t love extensions? The added volume will help anyone pull off just about any hairstyle. If everyone could afford a hairstylist, I bet they would get them everyday. Cancerians are loyal and highly imaginative, so once they try them, they would not hesitate to use them everyday!

5. Leo


A Pixie cut is not something most people will be enthusiastic about. Also, it takes confidence to pull it off. Their natural tendency of being creative and staying in the limelight is why they need this hairstyle. And they’d have no doubts whether it’d suit them, which is all that is required to pull it off.

6. Virgo


They are loyal, analytic, and practical. They are hardworking beings and won’t focus on anything that is not going to help them in achieving their goals—even if it is about themselves. So they don’t ever bother styling their hair. But, damn! They make it look so cool! They should stick with their messy hair.

7. Libra


Highlights are a great way to add drama to the hair without actually changing anything else about it. Choosing the right colour(s) is what matters. Libras are really social and fair-minded and getting highlights would definitely work with them.

8. Scorpio


Scorpios are resourceful, passionate, and brave. They just need to keep growing their hair, and they wouldn’t have any problem with that as they happen to be really stubborn. This will also show their mysterious side, which was probably always hidden.

9. Sagittarius


They are generous and idealistic; so they always go for a hairstyle that is practical but also looks like it has been styled for a good amount of time (but not really!) What they need is beachy waves. Even better if they’ve already gotten wavy hair. And this paired with a lob—no one can stop them!

10. Capricorn


Perfect, straight hair is something that looks really great on everyone. But Capricorns are responsible, disciplined and need to know that things are under control which is why this style shouts Capricorn.

11. Aquarius


Aquarians love to keep things original but hate dull and boring situations. They may be either shy and quiet or eccentric and energetic. The only hairstyle that can suit both of the types is bangs! The shy ones would feel protected under them and the eccentric ones would feel bold and empowered. The one hairstyle to unite all Aquarians!

12. Pisces


Pulling off a hair colour that is not naturally yours requires boldness. Pisces are artistic and intuitive, so their choice of hairstyle can never go wrong. Changing your hair colour is what you need to do. Go on and experiment with all those pastels!