10 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Super Fast

In a life of a girl, being beautiful and looking beautiful is an essential. Along with the perfect physique and bright face, you need something that will change your whole look. Yes, your hair. They change your overall appearance. Taking care of your hair is a bit time-consuming and requires little effort (not much), so in the end you get healthy, soft, shiny and long hair as a gift. So, ladies get ready to increase the length of your hair in a very short duration by using these easy tips.

1.Take Balanced And Healthy Diet

The very first thing that you need to do is to balance your diet. You should have enough minerals, proteins and vitamins in your food. Your hair has Keratin and what it needs is also Keratin which is from the family of proteins. Milk, yogurt, eggs, dry fruits, meat, chicken, fruits and vegetables are very important and also drink a lot of water.


2. Massage Your Scalp

This is very important because when you massage your scalp with any oil, the blood regulation becomes fast and your scalp grows hair faster than before and to make your roots healthier is very important. In this busy life you have to reserve your time for this but believe me it will definitely work. Do this twice a week.


3. Oiling

Oiling is must and no hair treatment and no shampoo can get over it. Coconut oil and olive oil are best to grow hair faster but I have a better remedy that will never let you down. The super mixture of five oils, castor oil, almond oil, mustard oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Apply this mixture weekly. This remedy has been used by our ancestors and the old people and even supermodels of today use this.


4. Hair Masks

If you want to look like a Rapunzel or want to make thick and long ponytail or french braid, you need to take a little extra efforts. Use the hair masks, the most common one is Egg mask. Mix egg, honey and some olive oil, apply this mixture on your hair and let it stay for almost 2 hours. It makes them grow fast and smooth.


5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many uses including hair treatment. The gel of fresh Aloe Vera can help you a lot. You just have to apply this gel on your scalp and hair. This is a very simple and easy tip that will help you.


6. Henna

Henna is the evergreen formula to get healthier hair. Mix powdered henna in oil or water and apply it. You have to wash it after it will dry. This remedy is usually not done in winters because when you apply henna on your scalp and hair, it make your head feel cold and it dries after a long time. So, preferably it is used in summers when it dries quickly.


7. Less Use Of Heat Styling Tools

It is not a good idea to do oiling on Sunday and do straightening on Monday and throughout the week, so better not use or less use hair styling tools that heat up hair from very close. It will damage your hair and they will be stuck in same length.


8. Brush Your Hair Regularly

Along with all the remedies,you need to be concerned about your hair and brush them twice a day to avoid tangles and also brush them in downward direction to make them long.


9. Don’t Forget To Use Conditioner After A Shampoo

You need to nourish your hair and moisturize them all the time. So,always use a conditioner after a shampoo. This is recommended by all the hair stylists and professionals.


10. Wash Properly

Don’t use shampoo regularly because it contain chemicals. Let your hair release its own oil and repair itself. Avoid using too hot or too cold water while washing. Rub your hair gently and deal them with care.


By using all these tips you can get beautiful long hair, really soon. So, get ready to slay at your cousin’s wedding or at your school farewell. Try it now and you can thank us later.