10 Ways to start a Text conversation with a Girl

Hey there, reader. Interested in knowing that girl you like better? Want to talk to her? Don’t go any further as this article contains 10 interesting ways in which you can start a conversation with that girl.

1. “I was trying to think of something, but my mind kept wandering… So, hi!”

This is an effective starter if you don’t know her that well, and you can always blame it on your lack of concentration on the work you’re doing currently! This is a greeting, so the recipient will be compelled to text you back.


2. “What did you think of class today?”

This works great if your crush is in the same class as you are, and provides a common topic from which your conversation can go anywhere. This is another classic which helps kick off a great conversation with your crush.


3. “That’s a lovely dog! What breed is it?”

A discussion about dogs is one that girls like the most. If she has a dog for a pet, you’re in luck, and you could always use that to be the starting point for the conversation. This works nearly every time.


4. “He took me from a bar. He took me in his car. He took my top off. He puts his lips on mine, but don’t worry: I’m a bottle of wine!…what were you thinking????”

This could be a great starter as it has humor in it, and could also work if you know the girl quite well and are interested in a flirty angle for the conversation to take.

5. “Hey, thanks for that beautiful rendition of (whatever song title she sang). What other talents should I be jealous of? :P”

This would work really great if you noticed that she sings really well, or you saw her sing someplace. This doubles up as a compliment too, and tell me, who doesn’t like a random compliment thrown their way?

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6. “Great (Whatever she was wearing)”

This is again a compliment that doubles up as a starter. If you noticed her wearing something that grabbed your attention and you missed out on the chance to tell her personally, this is a good way to go.


7. “If this was the last day you are alive, how would you choose to spend it?”

This is an excellent starter if you know her quite well, and are interested in getting to know her a bit. This starts a conversation that may run deep, so be prepared for that.

8. “(Something you know she likes to eat) tastes great! Don’t you agree?”

This is a fundamental way to start a conversation informally, as it involves food, and everyone loves food. (Who doesn’t? Come brawl with the author if you don’t.) This will get her really interested and she will respond back.


9. “You are pretty cute for a (Whatever her height is!) girl.”

This is a starter guaranteed to make heads turn. Literally. When the credentials of a girl are in question, she is more than often bound to respond. And on top of everything, this is a really good compliment. Now go and use this.


10. “Guess what happened to me yesterday?”

If you don’t want to take a risk with the girl you like, you can always use a tried and tested starter like this. Humans are curious by default, and this is bound to aggravate her curiosity. And you shall see her message soon.


Text messages are a harmless way to initiate conversations with someone. But if you really want them to remember you, meet them in a way that keeps you in their memories. Yes, I’m telling you to go and approach them if you really like them.