10 Things Your Parents Will Never Tell You

Hey there, reader! Hope this article finds you well. Ever realize there’s something you’re pretty sure your parents are hiding from you? Don’t know what it is? (Duh.) This article intends to solve that problem by illustrating ten things that your parents don’t tell you.

1. I’m sick/having health problems


The last thing your parents would want is you to be worrying about them. They always want to see your happy face, so they keep their problems to themselves, trying to shield you from a world of hurt and pain, even though it is our responsibility to take care of them.

2. I love your sibling more than you


In today’s modern family, there are always siblings who are poles apart. One may be rebellious, and the other may be the model child. But the parents will never tell the other child that they love the other one more, for they know it would hurt their child deeply.

3. You hurt me by doing that


We’re teenagers, who don’t care what happens in the immediate future. If you had your first secret drink or a smoke and your parents find out, they would definitely be upset with you as they don’t want to see their child taking the disruptive path, but they’ll never tell you that it hurt them. Same goes for the last piece of pizza which your mom offered you so graciously, suppressing her own hunger.

4. We are sh*t rich


Parents never tell children about their riches and wealth. This is mainly due to the reason that they might neglect their studies and subdue their passions, as their future is ‘secured’.

5. Take the car


Most parents don’t hand over their car keys to their kids, for they know speed is a thrilling experience that every teen wants to experience, and the last thing they want is you going at top speed and getting hurt, in their car.

6. I’m following you on all social networks. Yes, even Quora


Our parents have a tendency to try to be close to us, and they do that via social networks, as we spend most of our time there. Parents always try to stay close to their children, and shield them against the negative elements of the world.

7. I’m an addict


Your parents are never gonna tell you that they’re alcoholics or they have a cigarette addiction, as they know the side-effects of such habits, and they would not want you to get into the same habit, at least from their side.

8. SEX!!!


Most Indian parents view this topic as taboo and do not even touch it, no matter what may come. If they catch you watching porn, they’ll scold you, but for good reason. Look it up if you want.

9. You’re ruining my retirement  


This applies for adults. When adult children ask their parents for money, the parents end up giving it to them, no matter how much they eat up into their savings. After all, no parent wants to see his children suffer without money. They’ll suffer before letting you.

10. That Sharmaji ka beta’s marks don’t matter


This is actually a matter of concern. This topic is highly debated on, i.e., whether to compare children’s marks with each other or not. There are pros and cons to each side, but we all are aware of the golden benchmark that Sharmaji’s son set, right?