8 Things you should look in a Guy if you are planning to get in a Relationship


Hey Girls, you can well relate to that situation when you come across a handsome, good looking guy in your school and want to know him better but the moment you get to know about some of their ill habits or those particular characteristics that you find extremely substandard and there you realize that, No! Like Seriously No! He is not the one that you are looking for! We all of us want to have a good kind of a guy in our lives who is good for us, right?  Have a look below at some important things that you should look in a guy before getting in a relationship.

1. His Never Ending Efforts Towards You


The guy with whom you feel some sort of a connection and love to talk with, will never fail to give his all, just to make you laugh, see you smiling and make your day good. And no girl can ever avoid those efforts and that hard input they get from a guy that makes them feel happy.

2. Over Cheesy Behavior


You surely don’t want a guy being super cheesy and over friendly right after you both have just started getting to know each other. Such traits define a person quite very well. Being able to put words at the right time and during an appropriate situation is what makes a person sensible rather than ending up being too annoying at times.

3. Encouraging Nature

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We girls never get tired of getting appreciated, right? And if you have a guy in your life who is not encouraging towards you, then you are truly giving your time to a wrong person. Because, at times its not only about someone making you feel beautiful and receiving compliments but also, encouraging you with your life goals, dreams and your every little achievement is what matters at the end.

4. The Level Of Mutual Interest


Girls, you surely don’t want a guy, who is really disinterested in life and consider no point in showing some amount of enthusiasm while spending time with you. Choose a right guy who not only loves to listen to all your talks about your long, heavy day but participate in the conversation by telling his part as well.

5. His Behavior With Other Girls


Well! You should never think of connecting emotionally and morally to such sort of a person who does not respect girls. Truly, who does not know how to talk to girls and the kind of behavior to portray in front of other individuals depicts that how socially and morally broken he is.

6. Protective Nature


Guys being protective is something that every girl appreciates. When he just cannot stand anybody accusing you for no reason and watching you cry is something that makes him a real man, isn’t it?

7. Giving Inappropriate Gestures And Thoughts


If you find a guy and his conversations mostly centered upon intimacy and sex, you should not invest your time and yourself to that person ever! Because you surely won’t prefer being in a relationship with utmost discomfort and awkwardness. So, make sure you observe this particular trait in every guy you are thinking to link yourself with.

8. That Emotional Fool Lad


A guy who is not emotionally sensible and is extremely sensitive almost every time is not a type of person every girl wishes for. Make sure you bond with someone whom you can share your emotional intellect with.

So girls, make sure to keep these points in mind while you are about choose that Mr. Right for you and not to forget to be observant enough to get those key points and make your choice with sheer patience because at the end, its your time and emotions that you have to invest on him.