8 things you get to Face or Hear if your are a Sportsperson


Hey there athletes! You know your life is completely different from all those teens of your age. You know that life ain’t that easy how it seems to be. You know how achievement tastes like. You know the warrior inside you very well. You know all of it! Being a sportsperson is definitely not an easy thing. It is a lot more than just being fit, right? So, keeping in mind your extreme struggle and hard work, look below at these 8 things that you get to face if you are sportsperson!

1. Your Insane Diet


That extreme hunger after you get back from your training session is something unbearable. All you look for is, food and your mum precisely who can feed your tummy. Also, supposedly you do not wish to eat according to your work load and diet, then there you are! “Sportsperson have insane diets and eat a lot” is one statement you will get to hear most of the times.

2. Deodorants Are The Only Accessory You Own


To spare that heavy sweat, you just cannot end up your training session without putting an entire bottle of deodorant on your body, isn’t it? And that one day when you forget to carry your your deodorants is the day of utter disappointment for you!

3. The Big Doubt On Your Academic Performance


When people get to know that you are an active sportsperson, they would consider you an average in studies, basically because of your diversion of activities and priorities. Little they know that, a sportsperson has the huge ability to focus on academics as well on their game and moreover can do far better than them in any possible field.

4. Your Secret Injuries That No One Knows About


You can relate to this quite well right? You have those secret injuries that only you are familiar with and no other person have any clue about it. No doubt that, crepe bandages are your best friend forever during your training sessions! And that moment when you get home and you have to pamper your injured areas with massage and icing, its an another level of hard work you have to offer to your body.

5. A New Pair Of Nike


Come on! We really don’t want bags and dresses as gifts. Gift us a new pair of Sport shoes, and that will be one for all! The feeling of getting a new pair of shoes is something out of the world. That’s the only accessory every sportsperson can actually showoff while running in their fascinating colorful shoes.

6. A Wardrobe Of Sports Wear


And when it comes to dressing up like a casual chic or a smart handsome boy, well! that’s the real struggle for us! Because its the sports wear we all have in our wardrobes, where your siblings play an important role by being your saviors as you run to them and borrow their clothes, which seems to be the only possible solution for us!

7. When You Get On Your Periods


You know that sickening pain when you have to practice when you get down! The unbearable pain, the lost mind, shaking of your legs and to push your half dead body is something only you can feel and relate to. All you want is to end with the training session and get back home and die! But at the end you manage to conquer all the pain this with your warrior instincts and nothing of it really matters when you just start going with the flow.

8. Your Never Ending Love For Sleep


You are a pro at sleeping like a retard! and no one has got the audacity to doubt over your sleeping abilities. You have that unconditional bond between you and your sleep that no one can ever think of. Putting off your sports wear and retiring yourself in bed right after the hard practice is one thing you always wish for. And dare you find someone muddling with you in the middle of your deep sleep, God help them!