10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Internet Sensation: Mallika Dua

Mallika Dua, one of the quirkiest Indian comedian and latest internet sensation rose to fame with her ‘Sarojini Nagar’ video. She started her career as a copywriter and a theatre artist. Now she’s working with various brands, YouTube artists and collaborating with actors for many web series. But there’s quite a lot of stuff, you didn’t know about this internet sensation.

1. She’s an Introvert


Mallika is an introvert and is still not used to stardom. Whenever people meet her, the first thing they ask is, whether she’s really this quite? It takes her time to open up to people and needs to warm-up. Though it is hard to believe but it’s true.

2. Stand-up Can Wait


This internet sensation is scared to do stand-up. Mallika confesses that most of the comedians, share their real life experiences with a bit of exaggeration. She won’t be able to do comedy and stand-up right now, because she doesn’t remember details and doesn’t observe really closely. Dua is pretty keen on doing stand-up later this year and you’ll see her pretty soon.

3. She’s Wants To Do Bollywood


Yes, our ‘Makeup Didi’ would love to do Bollywood roles. After her Dubsmash and Snapchat videos going viral, she was approached by many casting directors and producers to play the leads, quirky little sister and once was approached for a role which was quite serious. She believes in her role being substantial and not superficial. If it works out, we’d be seeing Miss Dua on the big screen soon.

4. She’d Love To Work With Akshay Kumar


On being asked, who Mallika would like to work with, she instantly answered, Akshay Kumar. Just imagine what a laughter riot would the movie be. Even though she’s not pretty sure about matching up to Akshay’s shoot schedule and waking up way before the world does, Mallika ready to work with him. She’d also like to work with Ranveer Singh. Instant love.

5. On Being Bilingual


Mallika believes that being Bilingual has ensured fluency in speech and thought. She could connect with two different types of audiences and also feels that being unilingual limits your audience. Being Bilingual helped her with her speeches, characters and contributed to good comic timing.

6. Least Favorite Movies


Dua stated her 5 least favourite movies and yes she has taken names. The first being Salman Khan’s ‘No Entry’, followed by Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Sooryavansham’, ‘Sala Khadoos’, ‘Befikre’ and the ‘Chasme Baddoor remake’.

7. Fashion Icons


The ‘Sarojini Nagar’ actress confessed in an interview, that she looks up to Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Kiran Rao as the fashion icon of Bollywood. Mallika also confessed that she considers Ranveer Singh to be the most fashion forward male celeb and also shared, how much the women liked his sense in experimentation and peculiar clothes.

8. Total Boss Lady


Mallika has a healthy self esteem and is not bothered or affected by any of her haters. She openly states that she doesn’t have many haters due to her safe content. Even if, there’s any one of them, boss lady blocks the person from her social networks. Isn’t this lady a total Boss?

9. Indian Girl Hair Problems


The 26 year old confesses, that she was really very scared for her hair, when she came to Mumbai. Her biggest concern is how pitiable her hair has become after moving out. Her hair is always standing and frizzy and the hairdressers have to work a lot, to such an extent that Mallika now prefers wearing a half wig. We don’t blame her.

10. Double Minded


Mallika worked as a copywriter, prior to what changed her life, comedy. It took her 6 months to quit her job. Before entering into this new world of comedy, she made sure that she had enough offers and signed up with an artist management company.

We know Mallika as an internet sensation. There were many aspects regarding her struggle, and assurity of being able to work in a male dominated industry. The woman behind ‘Komal’, ‘Kanchan’ and ‘Makeup Didi’, Mallika Dua, is now considered as one of India’s top comedians and is looked up as an inspiration for all the budding comedians.