5 Things to do when You get your First Period


Hey Girlies, little thanks to those vague facts in our biological chapters that taught us about adolescence and different hormonal and bodily changes happening in our body, which signifies the maturing of a girl and most likely getting her first period. At times, talking about periods is considered either gross or too inappropriate to even name in public so much so that majority of girls in our society are devoid of the basic yet important knowledge about the growing changes in their bodies. First period doesn’t seem to be as horrifying and terrible as you all might be thinking but rather it is that one life time experience that you will have, so make sure you take it on a much positive note. Have a look below at these much helpful hacks that are must and work well during your first period.

1. Don’t Panic


Encountering your first period is something very new to you but make sure you maintain your temperament when you get them. Don’t panic! Have control over your emotions. Period ain’t gonna destroy you or harm your body, so just maintain your calm and take it as a guest whom you were about to welcome.

2. Avoid Help From Internet


Never seek help on internet for such matters. Such subjects are only meant to be discussed freely in private with adults. At times information on internet might be false or edited and deprive some real facts that it can rather be harmful for your knowledge.

3. Mommy Being Your Real Friend

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Make a note of this girls! Your mother is your true friend when you get your first period. Talk to her about it if you really feel awkward because no other person can provide you with all the knowledge about it, comfort you with pleasing thoughts and moreover will celebrate the moment with you.

4. The Covering Hack In Public


If you ever encounter an unexpected period in school or anywhere in public, try to deal with the situation without getting too stressed about it. Like, you can always cover your stained skirts or pants with scarves or sweaters by tying around your waist or by other essential wearable that you usually carry with you. Also, use toilet papers as temporary sanitary napkins to pass the day without any hesitation and discomfort.

5. Feel Good, Feel Proud


So Girls, take your first period as your happy period and be proud that you now have finally entered the phase of being a woman. Have your first period memory, no matter how you felt but make it count because you ain’t going to get that point of time again. Have a happy period!