9 Things To Do If You Are Suffering From Depression


Hey fighters! We all are pro at messing things up in our lives, don’t we? We are the professional over thinkers when it comes to dealing with problems and coming out with a reliable solution. When over thinking gets worse, it leads to depression. So teens, when you feel you have reached that stage where you feel empty, losing control over things and losing your self esteem and worth (most importantly), just make yourself engaged with things that does not remind you of your helplessness and situations. Have a look below to some ideas that would definitely help you to overcome depression.

1. Don’t Live In a Closet


We all feel low at times and try hard to have some personal space and be alone but never make it a habit. Sometimes, being alone and alienating yourself from your family can lead to depression. Sitting with family members, talking and gossiping can help you to have mental peace than being alone.

2. Desserts and Chocolates Can Be Your Best Friend


No matter how girly and filmy that sounds, but chocolates do help to reduce stress and anxiety a lot. In fact, normally our body and mind feels pleasure when we have chocolates or desserts and whereas, being under depression, whenever you feel annoyed and clumsy, chocolates can be your big time savior!

3. Socialize More


The more you will engage yourself in conversations, express your view points and listen to others, the more you will start finding you self worth and have a better understanding to start over again. Believe that your view point matters and you are no less. Moreover, talking to people will help you to think in a right way.

4. Trust Your Playlist


Music and your playlist is your true friend, isn’t it? It can make your mood happy and fresh in just a click. Also, try avoiding sad songs at this point, all you need to listen is to more of dramatic and peppy music.

5. Go For some Sports


Engaging yourself in some hard physical activity can really help you with providing a better physique and mental fitness. After a heavy, tiring day, your mind will not be in a position to over think and would insist to retire and rest and there you will slowly find yourself recovering from depression.

6. Grow a New Interest or Talent


Sometimes, doing something you haven’t done before takes your motivation to the next level. Like learning to dance or to play an instrument or maybe cooking, it grows your interests and diverts your sad mind and soul to do some productive stuff.

7. Meditation


You may think that meditation is the most boring solutions of all but you have to believe that it can be one effective way to overcome depression. You may feel dizzy and lethargic in the very initial attempts but if you motivate yourself to practice meditation every morning, your mind and body will be charged for an entire day and hence, no doubt you will slowly learn to deal with all the negative thoughts.

8. Be a Helping Hand For Someone


If you find a person going through the same situation as yours, you can try to help them in better ways. Building confidence and motivating someone else, often help one own self to do the same and persuade to fight with your own hard times.

9. Remember You Are a Fighter


No matter how disappointed you get with yourself and how harsh life seems to be, never stop believing that you are a fighter and you will surely get through all of this. Encourage yourself to do better and think positive. As soon as you start believing in yourself and choose to be optimistic, you will surely be half way there to win over your depressing state of mind.