7 Things That Make Indian Teens Different From Others

Well, this topic had to come up sometime or the other, right? There are few qualities that make us Indians the way we are. This article hopes to do some justice for this much debated on topic. So let’s see what makes Indian teens different from the firangis.

1. Relatives, relatives and more relatives

Well, we Indians are famous for our ‘collective’ train of thought. We have always been valuing our family’s pride before our freedom and happiness, even if it meant losing the love of our life(Read: Countless Bollywood and regional movies). Our relatives care for us much more than our peers’ for them. You all must have faced the nosy relative who asked for your marks even if you didn’t know them, right?


2. Our dating environment

We all had our celebrity crushes, and by chance, if we had real life crushes, your friends would have mocked you more than they roasted Bieber at his roast. We Indians have always been shy and insecure about our crushes, and more than often let go of them without them even have an inkling of the thought that we liked them.


3. Our future

Well, for the most of us, it is either an engineering or a medical degree, right? That’s right, we lovely Indians often restrict ourselves to these two streams, and miss out on a whole world of opportunities out there. While on the other hand, our peers have every other degree on offer for them, which gives them a more complete view of the world.


4. Jugaad

Jugaad is a feature in us Indians which is not to be overlooked. Our inclination for jugaad tells us to get off our ass and get a solution for the problem in front of us. But on the other hand, teens everywhere else enjoy life for what it is, one problem at a time.


5. Competition. (Oh yeah? I can write more points than you for this article.)

We have been brought up in an environment where the final result matters the most. No matter what the cost for achieving the first place. (excerpt of a conversation between two aunties follows)
Auntie 1: Aapko pata hai, mere bacche ko 91% aaye hain 10th mein.
Auntie 2: Woh toh theek hai. Par Sharma Ji ke bacche ko 96% aaye hain. Kya karen?
Auntie 1: *swears silently*
(Translation: Auntie 1: You know, my kid’s got 91% in his 10th boards.
Auntie 2: That’s fine. But Sharma’s kid has got 96% in her 10th boards. Wotsay?
Auntie 1: *swears silently*)


6. They live. We survive.

The above line is true. Our peers in the other countries enjoy life, by living it. They experience everything life has to offer, while we on the other hand, are subject to an endless cycle of working hard so that our ‘future’ is good.
Parents: Beta, work hard for your 12th. Have fun in college.
Parents in college: Beta, work hard in the college for a good job.
Parents after college: Beta, work hard and earn a huge ass salary so that you get a good bride. (You see where this is going, right?)


7. Society (Eww, such a short title. Go put on something longer.)

Well, you do know how our society treats us if we act modern. Girls can’t wear what they want, and can’t go out when they want. Should they cross the time-limit, they come home to disapproving grand-moms and are subjected to leering gestures.


These are just some of the ramifications that us Indian teens have to face every single day. And these are the things that make us the way we are. Indian teens proud of their culture and heritage.