7 Things Only A Single Child Will Relate To


Being a single child of your parents is something that holds a complete different experience, isn’t it? Your behavior and upbringing is just not similar to those of your friends who have siblings. You can well relate to those feelings of being devoid of having a little sister or brother. And with your every string of emotion, you can purely feel these 7 things below if your are a single child of your parent.

1. Over Protective Parents


Having you as their only child, as of now you are quite used to of those frequent questions like “Where? When? Who?” Not to deny the fact that you also have a time limit to reach home and the moment you enter late, God help you!

2. Their Every time Expectations To Act Responsible


And if you have parents who are both workaholic, all they expect from you is to act responsibly every time. Where, bound with too much restrictions and “have to do” conditions, at times seem to be claustrophobic for you.

3. Their High Ambitions and Dreams


Sadly, without any given choice you all are living your parents’ only dream of becoming either a doctor or an engineer or to pursue something in law. You are their only source to reach their ambition and stand out proud in front of society and friends.

4. When You Are Extremely Pampered


Those days when people tell you that you must be very pampered by yours parents because you are their only child and you just cannot deny that statement because there are some completely different moments when you get see you parents’ over flowing of emotions towards you.

5. Your Extreme Want For A Sibling


And there are times when you can feel the void that can never be filled by your best friend or your mum and think that you really, really need to have someone at home with whom you can share your inner self and shower love upon them with warmth and cuddle.

6. All Time Mediator Of Your Parents


You act as one professional mediator when you parents get into a fight. You have to listen to left and to the the right and try to come to one solid solution. And when the argument gets heated up you might also become a target to pour their anger upon.

7. Your Great Admiration Towards Your Friend’s Siblings


You treat your friend’s siblings as precious people in your life just because you can only feel the void of not having one. They are those crazy bunch of people on whom you can never get over with. You treat them as your own and pour all your love and care upon them.