7 Best Summer Hairstyles for School Boys


The most common word which comes to our mind when we use the term ‘school’ is ‘discipline’. Uniforms, scheduled classes, subjects, homeworks’, etc. are all planned and to be strictly followed. In such cases, students are left with no choice but to adhere to the rules laid upon. So, finding a midway to feel new and stylish in the mundanity is essential. Here you go with the 7 best summer hairstyles to get cool yet disciplined look for boys.

Summer Hairstyles 1: Crew Cut

In this cut, the hair on the top of the head is cut relatively short, graduated in length from the longest hair at the front hairline to the shortest at the back of the crown. The hair on the sides and back of the head is tapered short. It is easy to maintain and accentuates facial features making your face look more sharp and defined. Crew cuts are perfect if you’re looking for a clean-cut and athletic haircut.

Summer Hairstyles 2: Angular Fringe 

The asymmetrical line of this haircut is insanely beautiful: it’s absolutely, strongly conceptual and it enables you to play with your hair in a funny way. In fact, the hair must be longer with short side, and you can do different kind of hairstyle with this cut. You can play with the length of the fringes, giving yourself a cute look.

Summer Hairstyles 3: Fade hairstyles 

The hair is faded from skin to 1 cm and the rest of the hair is left the same length and is usually accompanied on haircuts that are shorter in length. There are various categories in fade style like low fade, mid fade, high fade, bald fade, low fade with side part, mid skin fade with bangs, etc. Experiment according to your choice of length and style.

Summer Hairstyles 4: Messy Tousled Hair

Messy hairstyle gives you the cute and perky look. Keep your fringes above eyes and do not make them hang too low. Do not apply hair gel and just brush away the hair roughly and you’re ready to done the messy look.

Summer Hairstyles 5: Preppy Modish

It is the hairstyle where the overall look is neat, tidy and well-kept. It is a sexy and elegant way of keeping one’s hair by combing well and settling it with little hair gel. It’s better to avoid hair gel for future run and therefore, comb it well and make it settle down.

Summer Hairstyles 6: Pompadour 

The basic concept is hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, and sometimes upswept around the sides and back as well.

Summer Hairstyles

Summer Hairstyles 7: Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is an innovation on the Mohawk hairstyle. Unlike Mohawk, it makes a smooth transition between long and short sections of the cut, resulting in a more versatile cut that can be styled down or up depending on the occasion.

Summer Hairstyles

These summer hairstyles will not only help you to stand out but will keep you cool and stylish this summer. Comment below to let us know which hairstyle will you be choosing this summer. For more hairstyles for boys that won’t go anywhere in 2017 click here.