15 Struggles Only A Guy Can Relate To

Hey there, reader! Well, there are some things unique to each gender: including some of their vast number of problems. The battle still rages on about which gender has the most problems, with no solution in sight. Read on to get more insight on problems faced by guys in general.

1. Walking behind a woman on the street without being a stalker

This is one real bad attribute to being a guy. If you are ever in such a situation, well, you can’t do anything about it.

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2. The ‘hover-hand’

The picture says it all. Don’t worry, a guy gets comfortable with girls real soon. (I hope so.)

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3. Crying during emotional scenes involving the father and the son

*wipes away tears* No, I am not crying. It’s just my eyes that are sweating. On the serious note, these scenes really do move us, emotionally.

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4. When you get caught checking someone out

Let’s agree that we’ve all checked out someone or the other at some point in our lives. But, the real problem arrives when the girl you’re looking at looks back at you, only to see you look at the table awkwardly.

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5. Losing hair

Like seriously. This is a cause for depression and the loss of good looks. Do you want this? No.

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6. Growing hair

We guys have a natural sweater underneath our shirt. Wanna check it out? (Oh yeah? Screw you too, puberty.)

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7. When the balls stick uncomfortably to your legs

Damn those sweaty, humid days.

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8. The fear of getting kicked down there

It’s not a question of when, but how.

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9. Blue balls

If you haven’t gotten this yet, consider yourself extremely lucky.


10. When swimming clothes show off your junk

This is completely unintentional, gals. We don’t need to show you our junk in order to impress you. *gets mortified*

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11. Boners outta nowhere

Random boners give fierce competition to Randy Orton’s RKO, believe me. When you see a guy trying to stifle something in his pants, do look away. Looking will only make it worse.

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12. The fat, fat wallet

The wallet. The bane of your existence. You either live without it and go broke or carry it around and get a sore butt cheek by sitting on it all day. Man-purses FTW.

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13. Peeing with a boner

Try to control the hose of a fire-truck, and then we’ll know you put your money where your mouth is.

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14. The Itch

This is the worst one by far on this list. When that place down there gets itchy, all world goes to hell till we successfully scratch it. And the result? Risk public indecency.

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15. Staying true to the society’s definition of being a ‘man’

Tell you what? We’ll cry, we’ll do all sorts of sensitive stuff, as that is the real definition of a man.

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These are just some of the many difficulties faced by guys on a daily basis. Have some pity for us, ladies. We deserve it.