10 Stereotypes About Girls That Need To Be Broken NOW!


Stereotypes are basically general opinions formed by the society consistently depending on the age groups and other things(which are not logical). Whenever we visualize a warrior or a politician, it’s a man who comes to our minds. Why not women? Because that is so rare.
So it’s to all the people who form an opinion without knowing a women personally: Stop being so stereotypical.

1. Women are as cool as other creatures and they can keep a secret: Gossiping is not always a girls’ thing, we have other important things to do. So don’t think twice before sharing your secret! We can keep it so well that it might die with us.


2. We are strong and that’s why we can do things men can’t(Be it Naturally only): We bear a life for 9 months which is just not possible for men and it is more difficult than other sports which are considered to be played only by MEN.


3. We enjoy football and cricket matches because we feel pleasure watching the game. We are women not aliens. We have played, we have known. And hooting while watching it doesn’t make us less of a woman and more of a man. So stop looking at us strangely.


4. We are quite independent and we can do whatever we want. Be it driving for ourselves or treating ourselves with good food. We can afford it all, so before you say ‘you need a man to support you’, think twice.


5. All is gone after marriage: Really? Not at all. We find the greatest potential only after we get married and find the correct things we haven’t found yet. So it’s not the case, that after a marriage we cannot be who we were or who we want to be.


6. All girls don’t like pink, flowers and frilly dresses: We might go for black color, amazing cars and funky tees. We might change our likes and dislikes so hearing that it’s a girl, do not run for things which you think ‘girls love’.


7. We can change the tyre for our car and can be very good at using machineries: We don’t need a man for repairing our stuff because we are strong enough to pick it up and do it on our own. Who knows? You might need a woman to understand its technical and other things.


8. We are not dramatic and can be absolutely relaxed according to the situations: You don’t always have to imagine us getting worried on small issues. We have senses and we understand the meaning of patience.


9. We are supportive to every other creature no matter if it’s a girl or a boy. We love to be in competition but we also love to cheer for those who are in the right power. So we are not always grumpy and mean. We are genuine and clear.


10. We should be defenseless? No. We shouldn’t be. Not a single human should be. We as women defend ourselves where we are right and protecting ourselves from all the odds and the wrongs should not be made unacceptable.


So Yes. We are not what you think, We are what we want to be. From being a good driver to be anything in the world. We have got rights to do anything we have wished for. So stop being stereotypical and look at the world with a better vision.