How To Stay Out Of Drama In School: 10 Steps

Have you ever wanted to go to school knowing you have no drama to worry about, or just get on with life without the constant reminder in your head that you have drama to deal with? Keep reading to get an understanding of what and what not to do in school, in order to avoid the drama.

1. Be Nice To Everyone


You don’t necessarily have to be over-friendly to people that you dislike, but always be polite. This way you know that you are not giving anyone any reason to hate you, and if they do start hating on you, it’s not your problem but theirs, but you know in your head that you did nothing wrong. It might be hard to be nice to everyone, even people you don’t like. But trust me it will pay off.

2. Do Not Tell Anyone Whether Or Not You “Like” Someone


It will come back and get you! The person whom you said you “liked” will hear it faster than most people and they will most likely spread the word and confront you about it. This also creates ways for rumors, rumors that are mostly likely no where near the truth. Also, if you’re planning to stay out of drama you don’t wanna be in the middle or rumors.

3. Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup


You don’t wanna do anything to break school code, because that will draw unnecessary attention towards yourself. You also do not want your fellow peers and teachers to get the wrong impression. It also might lead people to believe that you are some what “desperate” or that you’re trying to hard.

4. Don’t Talk About People Behind Their Backs


Don’t say anything about anyone, that you wouldn’t say directly to their faces. Do not join in with the gossip, and do not pick sides. Just remain neutral. I know this is really hard but being a silent spectator is better than bitching about other people.

5. IF Your Friends Fight Don’t Pick Sides


Don’t pick sides, hear both sides of the story, but don’t take sides yourself. Doing so could seriously damage your friendships. Offer them both some advice, but allow them to fix the situation themselves. Be the mature friend and remain neutral. Its not your job to solve their problems, help out if they ask, but do not choose a side. Try to lighten the mood, crack a joke maybe.

6. If You Fight With A Friend Don’t Run Around Telling Everyone


If you guys are real friends, you wont let an argument get in between you guys. You will mostly make up soon anyway so don’t go running around telling everyone that you had an argument, everyone will start taking sides and spreading rumors until the whole thing is completely out of control. When you fall out with a friend, keep it between you and don’t say mean things behind their back. If someone else hears of the argument and says mean things, ignore them. Doing otherwise will only get you into a lot of drama.

7. Spend Time Doing Something More Constructive


Join a club, write a book, read, get into a sport, do something that’s actually worth your time, because getting involved in unnecessary drama sure isn’t worth an ounce of your time. Doing more productive things will definitely keep your mind off petty things. And will definitely benefit you overall.

8. Distance Yourself From People Who Like Starting Drama


You know the ones. They look for trouble.  Avoid them like the plague.  You don’t need those kinds of friends, no matter how nice they are. Don’t be mean to them, and make it blatantly obvious that you don’t want to be friends, but slowly distance your self. You don’t want to be influenced by these kind of people.

9. Talk About Personal Problems With Your Family And Closest FRIENDS


Although you want to talk about your issues when people ask, it’s best to politely smile and say thanks but no thanks to avoid becoming the center of all gossip. Besides the less people know the better. Take refugee in people that you trust the most, or maybe people that don’t go to your school. But talking to your family members is probably the safest method.

10. Stop Gossiping With Others


Just stop! Its that simple.  If you hate the drama so much, stop perpetuating it by going off with your friends and talking behind the backs of those that hurt you. That makes you no different from them.  Think positive thoughts and distance yourself from the negative.
Don’t say anything, if its not something nice.