Meet Renaye Tejani, A Baker Who Loves Charity


Renaye Tejani, a 7th grader from Mumbai, is creating waves with her baking. Here is an account of her interview with The Under18.

The very first thing we got to know about her is that she was born in Australia, but her family relocated to India when she was 2 years old. She is a student at HVPS International School. On being asked how she found her calling, she says that her mother was the one who found her hidden talent and encouraged her to pursue and nurture it. She also motivated her to use it for a good cause rather than commercialize it, which is why she considers her mother to be her biggest inspiration.

Renaye's Bakesale

As for awards, she tells us that she is yet to win any, but considers the happiness she brings to the children who have their evening classes in the street by baking them cupcakes, and by hosting a lunch with ice cream and soft drinks at an orphanage by the money collected through her bake sales to be her awards and achievements.

As part of her short-term goals, she has started keeping her Bake Sale Charity Goodies’ boxes at different outlets, so as to reach out to more people. She’s also collecting all the proceeds of her bake sales to give to the Being Human Foundation.

Here are some of the pictures of Renaye’s delicious creations:

Renaye Tejani Creation Renaye Tejani Creation Renaye Tejani Creation

Her long-term goals consist of training under some of the world’s best pastry chefs, and being the youngest pastry chef in India. In addition, she sees herself studying in school and college, doing a lot of TV commercials, and baking for charity. The most important goal, however, is having her own charity for children.

Apart from baking, she enjoys being in front of the camera. She has done a small role alongside Salman Khan in Jai Ho. She is all praises for his magnanimity. She has also done print shoots, walked the ramp, and lately, shot for a commercial.

Renaye Tejani

The one change she would like to bring in the world is the elimination of begging, especially by children. Renaye has a message for our readers

Always follow your dreams. One does not have to start big. Any small change can make a big difference to society. One has to take the first step.

The Under18 wishes Renaye Tejani the very best for all of her future endeavours. Here’s hoping we get around eating some of your pastries and cupcakes in the near future! All the best!