7 Movies to Watch if You are going through Low Phase in your life

When you’re really down, everything can see quite dull and meek. You feel like no one can understand you and that nothing can cheer you up. Sometimes watching a good movies can humble you and make you start appreciating the small thing you have in your life, hence make you feel much better. Here are a few of those movies:

1. Good Will Hunting


This movie is about a young man who is extremely smart, he never got a good education. he never went to a good college, all he had was the public library he makes us realise that we can make good use out of things that may seem simple and useless to us. Learning can come from anywhere. It also teaches us what best friendship looks like.

2. 500 Days Of Summer


The way this movies is shot is really beautiful, innovative and original. You fall in love with the characters from the very beginning.  Its about a boy whos in love with a girl who diesnt believe in love.

3. Bring It On


This is a typical chick flick, just the thing to cheer you up. Its about a regional cheer leading competition. Dont judge the movie based on the trailer because the trailer is really bad.

4. Grease


This is a classic. It absolutely brilliant. It takes you back to how things were before “life got so complicated” Its a musical. You cant help but sing along. The dancing is “rad” this movie shows you what true “swag” is.

5. Mrs Doubt Fire


This movie has the late Robin Williams as the main character. so you know its going to be hilarious. This movie with just genuinely make you really really happy. It about a father who will do just about ANYTHING to see his kids more often. Definitely something to make you smile

6. Amelie


If you’re upset it helps you up, if you feel like a weirdo and freak it makes it not feel not so bad about yourself, if you had a bad break-up there’s this really weird recorder guy that you can be glad isn’t your ex. It’s just good to cheer you up overall.

7. The Pursuit Of Happiness


If you feel your life is hard, you’ll relate to the character portrayed by Will Smith in the movie. He plays the role of a salesman who is  homeless and faced with challenges, a failed marriage and the responsibility of his kid. You’ll see how he never once gives up and stands strong to reach his goals.