Love test: How to decide whether you’re in Love or Infatuation?


Teenage is a very tender time period- we have several problems to solve. Having a teenage ‘crush’ is one of those experiences which has left no one devoid of. Teens get so lost in the feelings of liking someone that they start believing that they have found their one ‘true love’. Here are few genuine, simple points in this Love test which can help you differentiate between LIKE and LOVE or LOVE and INFATUATION.

Love Test 1: Time Period

Infatuation doesn’t last long. Give yourself some time and see that maybe, after few months you might end up liking another person. Infatuation, likes fade away as you move out from the Teen zone. Love is meant to stay, last longer and lucky enough, then forever.

Love Test 2: The Why?

If I ask you, “Why do you like that person?”, you would be able to list out reasons like beautiful, smart, pretty, funny, handsome, etc. But if I ask you to answer this, genuinely “Why do you like your mom?”, you might fumble for words. It’s very simple. You would not be able to answer even yourself as to why you love someone. Love is very deep and most of the times, indescribable. When you love someone, you just love them. But when you like, you have reasons.

Love Test 3: Perfectionist

Infatuation has to do only with physical features and lust. Love goes beyond that. If you find yourself listing out the beauty of someone’s physical features, then it is definitely NOT love. Remember, love is never perfect whereas infatuation is world full of unrealistic, fairytale dreams.

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Love Test 4: Selflessness

If you are infatuated with someone, you would do anything to grab their attention or make them like you. But in love, you learn the art of selflessness. You learn to let them be free. You know that it is not important for that person to love you back or to reciprocate mutual feelings.

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Love Test 5: Self Image

When you are infatuated to someone, you start worrying about how you look.  You make sure that whenever you have encounter with them, you look your ‘THE BEST’. But when you love someone, you don’t care about your looks. Because deep down you know that they would still love you in your ugliness and sickness.

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Love Test 6: Little things
When you’re in love, those perfect date nights, dress ups, gifts, cheesy movie dialogues don’t exist. You only dream of them with your crush. In love, the little things are those that matter. You become immune to mushy love and value the small gestures and unsaid efforts.
Remember one thing that it’s OKAY if you are not finding your one true love. Life is more than that. Live your life, do your works earnestly and be yourself. Someone might fall in love with you because you were too busy being you. 🙂