7 Lies told by Bollywood about College Life


Hola teens! You all might be in a great rush to enter college and live an independent, cool life. The fantasies that your surroundings create for you especially those in movies is something you dream for every night, right? But that might also prove to be a pin on your bubble dream when you will get to encounter the Real College Life which is not really disclosed anywhere in movies or TV shows. That is one kind of a personal experience. So, to have a little idea about how the outer world looks like and how the complete contrast we see in those movies, have a look at 7 lies told by Bollywood about college life.

1. College Is a Place For Fun


Well! Guys, you just cannot trust on this when it comes to fun in college. Unless and until you are a super cool dude like Shah Rukh Khan or a super sassy chic like Kareena Kapoor, who can just wander and dance around the college premises, you just cannot imagine yourself doing such type of absurdity and demand for attention and acceptance from people in your college life.

2. Life Gets Sorted When You Are In College


That will be your one of the most common expressions in next few years when you will finally deny to the fact in those movies that show, life gets sorted in college. It ain’t like that at all! In fact life gets an extreme mess in college, because there is you and a huge crowd of different kinds of people that you have to deal with everyday and every single time.

3. The Perfect Trio


You might be fantasizing about your cool girl gang when you will be in college, who will always be there for you, for every party, every approval and no doubt for accompanying you while bitching but sadly, the kind of Poo you are aspiring to be, can be only found in Karan Johar movies and not in reality.

4. Love At First Sight


Seems so romantic right? But you should never think of trying such idiotic stuff for real because this might just end up creating a bigger scene than just  “love at first sight”. Such sort of things you will hardly find during your college days because nothing can happen in the very first point of time. Every little thing does take great amount of over thinking and over analyzing and strong sure feelings to find and fall for someone in this chaotic place.

5. Make The Most Of The ‘No Dress Code’


Remember Shanaya from the movie Student Of The Year, who gave you college outfit goals and also ended up looking nothing but a big time party animal in college. Over dressing will never work in college because you will find every person judging you then and there. Make sure you never do such blunders! The more decent and grounded you look, the more presentable your personality appears to be.

6. A Boy And a Girl Can Never Be Just Friends


Of course they can be friends right? You will find this stereotype being broken very soon during the initial days of your college because the majority of boys and girls you will see hanging out together are not love birds but best buddies. And they can never think of falling in love with each other, at all!

7. The Richer You, The Bigger Your Friends Circle


If you are productive, have a good intellect or helpful to others, money and your family’s position nothing really matters at the end. Its a complete lie which is often showed in movies that only rich kids have a good number of friends. Remember, have two-three friends but make sure they are your real gems.