A simple guide to that Perfect Selfie


You cannot get away without clicking a selfie or being in one. You’ll need one for each of your social media profiles. If you are going to put up a picture of an actor/actress or a pet or nature, then bye. But would you want your selfie to look like those selfies the Gen X clicks? Read on to avoid any double chins.

1. Angles


Angles play a greater role in taking a selfie than in geometry. The first thing you need to do is to figure out what angle works for you. Spend some time with your phone and keep tilting your face in different directions. Also keep shifting your phone. Click as many selfies through this process and then finally examine the outcome. Every selfie might not turn out to be good but what you are doing will prevent many bad selfies in the future!

2. Lighting


It doesn’t matter that you found that perfect angle if the lighting is just not good. Unless that’s what you are going for, you wouldn’t want your selfies to turn out so dark that people can’t even recognize that it’s you. Also, don’t click selfies in harsh lighting; your pictures will turn out unnatural, not to mention weird. And always steer clear of overhead lighting. Nature is your best friend; so step outside during early morning or late afternoon for that awesome selfie.

3. Posture


When it’s not just your face in the selfie, it really matters how you are holding yourself. You know how a picture speaks a thousand words? Well, your body language shouts a thousand words! Ever heard about power poses? Incorporate them in your selfies. A fitness trainer even showed the importance of angles and posture through an Instagram post.

4. Expression


Whether it is a pout or a duckface or a one-eyebrow-raised expression, it only depends on how well you can pull it off. But even if you aren’t a master of facial expressions, you can always flash a smile.

5. Editing


Now all your selfie needs is a little bit of editing. We’re not talking about Photoshop—just a little adjustment in the brightness and applying one of those magical Instagram filters. There are other amazing applications that have loads of filters and editing options. Find the one that works best with your pictures; it’ll be so much easier than finding The One!

Oh, and before uploading it make one last check to see if the background is alright and other such tiny details because the Internet can be a savage place and many people were trolled for such mistakes.