It’s okay if its a GIRL and SHE has a GIRLFRIEND. Say What!?


Hey, there Readers! We are all at a stage where we want to explore things more and most importantly we explore things in search of our own selves, don’t we? Our interests, needs, morality, view points and self-identity is what we tend to seek. No matter how far our society has been modernized, we still find few of those sickening stereotypes that kill the growing interests and sensitivity of an individual.

Our society lives with a common perception that ‘teenagers should not be in love at such an early age and when they do, make sure they maintain a “normal”  relationship’. And there we end up hiding ourselves and our identity just because the society configure homosexuality or lesbianism as “abnormal”, isn’t it?

Photography: Arjun Kamath

What to do?

Primarily, you need to know that nothing is wrong until and unless you consider it wrong. If you seek a sort of peace and pleasure to love a girl or be with girls, nobody should ever break you with their harsh words or accusations. And of course! we have not been certified to fall in love only with boys, do we?

OWN UP! Own up as who you actually are and stop living your life inside that closet. We understand, that stuff do get hard at times and all of this is not that easy, but you need to know that you will face way harsh circumstances in life than this. And if you don’t learn to conquer them, you might just end up being invisible.

Girls, love does not come with any terms and conditions. It’s perfectly okay to be in love with your same gender. As far as you both have a happy and a healthy relationship, people out there and their mindsets should not bother you. Nobody would ever help you to find peace in your life. It’s you, who have to search for peace and acceptance with who you really are.

Do not consider yourself “abnormal” or different from others. Remember, you are beautiful and you seek beauty in everything that is around you and not everyone have the ability to do that. Walk with oomph and confidence! Do not let anyone ever deter your soul and spirit. Remember, You Are Strong!