Cost-Effective Urinals from Plastic Cans Made by 13-Year-Olds From Tamil Nadu


The students of Panchayat Union Middle School in Tamil Nadu’s Kurumbapatti village became young innovators after they created urinals for school students. The idea struck when the kids felt uneasy and suffered fever and the reason was ill-equipped urinals.

The school was small and was not having hygienic urinals which lead to the situation where the kids had to urinate on the floor that increased the stench in the classrooms and other places. Initially because of the assumption that the kids themselves need to be clean, they went through it all but after the five 13 year olds – Supikpandian, Santhosh, Dhiyanithi, Ragul, and Prabaharan realised the reality and found the solution, they thought to help the surroundings.


They did it in a way that they cut open the 20 liter water can longitudinal way and designed it in the shape of urinal. They attached pipe for the better drainage system and colored it white to give it a proper look under the guidance of Mr. Kesavan.

The kids got themselves registered with Design for Change ( DFC) a non-profit organisation which rewards the students who worked for the betterment of society and communities after which they were rewarded with medals and Rs. 50,000 however the cost of their incredible invention is just Rs. 600 and they name is as – Safe Mode Pissing System (SMPS). They collected the money from Teachers and students and made it cost-effective so that other schools can make in the same way.

The plan got the ‘Boldest Idea award’ and upon talking with the students according to the sources, they mentioned :

“We can implement this project not only in schools, but also in houses and public places. We can prevent urinary infections and stenches by implementing it. This will reduce the number of patients in the community. Through this project, we can make the country clean and hygienic. We can observe the motive of the scheme Swachh Bharat (Clean India).”

This is indeed an incredible innovation as the people of the village and school authorities don’t have to think twice upon the cost of the urinal which is going to increase the hygiene of the society.