Come Out of Your Shell Before You turn 18


From going to different cities for having fun to just going to the mall next road, we all have some ‘Lets-be- independent’ plans. 18 is not just a number, but a whole new world for a person when you can step out of your city to crawl and run to places you have never been. When we were in our junior college, we all think of becoming something and some just plan to walk straight and fast.

Bereft of the right direction, we sometimes give up on moving out. Some must be busy giving and scoring high in boards, while some just dream to go wherever they can to feel and experience better. Whatever the reason maybe, everybody strives to go higher. So here, it is more about taking good education than just going out to have fun.

Why should you move out?

No matter, in which big metropolitan you are, going to a different place can make you a different (and probably a better) person. Knowing your-self. Arranging your requirements. Facing the world who has compliments and tantrums to give. Sleeping and eating alone can make you feel the importance of yourself. Losing out on somethings can get you better things, for a better future. It would be easy for people to persuade a gullible audience (in which you could be the one) to go wrong, but it’s all about you. Your directions.

Not just an independent life, but also ‘Experience is the best teacher’ quote would prove itself true. In your own city, you know the thin and the thick, outside, you are just another human who knows less about the place in the first go. BUT DO NOT GIVE UP.

When you are sure of doing something difficult, do not give a second thought or back off. Never. So hey there, you to-be- adult, you have got the strings tight which won’t break unless you put force so give it a try and let those strings stay connected.
Why staying in your own city won’t change you much?

Thinking of all the best possible positives and worst negatives, I am the one who has experienced most of all. Crying, Humiliation, Nervousness, Solitude, Isolation, Proud, Confident, Independent and all sort of other feelings. Not stepping out would deprive you of many things, not in just the way of having fun, but understanding what learning means, from experiences and studies. All!

In your own place you are the king and the queen but once you go out, you are a guest for a small period of time (Introverts, this is for you now). You feel detached from people, you feel uninvited and feel sometimes better in solitude but it feels horrible when sometimes you have got nothing to share and sometimes no one to share with.

Staying at home you would not understand the struggle to wake up on time and eat food before it gets finished. Living a life in a different city (college, hostel and other places) can get you at a place where you can take your own decisions, make your own experiences and complete a circle with whatever you always wanted to do ALONE.

You know the places, you know the directions, you know what is being called as ‘ We are from here and we know all of it’ but talking about new experiences, you might never get something good out of bad and you might always find best out of the good.

You might be the one who has experienced everything in your school life, but believe it, YOU HAVE A LOT TO EXPLORE. Never give up on anything that makes you feel scared and worried about how it will be done because eventually, the destiny will show you the directions.
So before you decide on I WILL NOT GO OUT, think of all the better opportunities you will experience, which will make YOUR life better.