Maggi Dishes

5 Delicious Dishes you can make out of Maggi!

Who hasn't heard or tasted instant noodles consumed by masses in India? Maggi is an absolute favorite of all kids and adults alike and...
10 Things You Can Eat for Breakfast If You Are on a Diet

10 Things You Can Eat For Breakfast If You Are On A Diet

Everyone wants to follow a diet conscious meal in the ongoing unhealthy way of living. But no one has the time to follow a...
Summer Drinks

2 Minutes Recipes For Some Chilling And Refreshing Drinks For This Summer

Beat the searing heat with these easy-to-make and refreshing drinks that will make a hot summer days super cool and delicious. All of us need...
Delhi Street Food

10 Delhi Street Food Every Foodie Must Try At Least Once

The historical capital, Delhi is a foodies’ paradise. From street food to international cuisines, Delhi, or as we lovingly call ‘Dilli’, can blow your mind...

Move aside! The Purple Bread is coming

Get ready to welcome a new member in your refrigerator. More colorful, more healthier dish will be joining your old food items in the...
Desserts by biscuits

10 Recipes to make Exciting Desserts using Biscuits

Left with lots of crumbled boring biscuits? You seems to be throwing it. Wait! here are some exciting ideas to reuse them. We can...
microwave recipes

4 Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes

How many times has it happened, that you had a craving for something delicious, like a cheesy pasta or a delicious chocolate cake but...
Coffee addict? Health your coffee!

Coffee addict? Health your coffee!

Waking up with the sun to the overpowering smell of brewing coffee is my description for heaven. And it doesn't end with the smell....
Top 5 Weirdest Ice-cream Flavors Ever

Top 5 Weirdest Ice-cream Flavors Ever

Ice-cream is the go to comfort food for anyone battling a heartbreak, feeling low, PMS, or even just to make themselves feel better. Infinite...

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