10 Apps that would make Teenage Girls’ Life Easier


These are the apps that every teenage girl should have if they love exploring new things. These are apps apart from Instagram, Snapchat and all your other main stream apps.

1. Clue


When you are planning a trip or an outing but you don’t know when your periods will come and destroy your plans? Try Clue. This period app is amazing and one of the best I have ever use. Once you enter your data of one menstrual cycle, before the next cycle, it will remind you about your Lucifer’s Bloody Niagara Falls. Also, it records the various other data such as your flow, your mood, your appetite etc when you are menstruating. This app is different from other apps because it also tells you about your fertility window and ovulation period.

2. Allwomenstalk


This app is exclusively only for females as you can make out from the title. You get varieties of articles on this app regarding everything a girl needs. Healthy recipes to hairstyles. From how to click awesome selfies to how to be yourself. From make up to outfit ideas. Everything. Plus you can write your own article for free. 

3. Pinterest


Love DIY’s? Love following top trends? Then you definitely should have this app on your smartphone. Pinterest is an app where you can find photos for anything. You find images for anything for example – dresses, shoes, food, art and craft, and those just a few among many other topics and areas.

4. Bloglovin’ 


If you love following blogs, then this is the best app for you. Blogs about everything and anything could be found here. Bloglovin’ is a collection of hundreds and thousands of blogs. Famous YouTuber Zoella uses this app and she also highly recommends it.

5. Fabulous


Want to inculcate a new good habit in your day to day life? Like walking or reading? Fabulous will help you with that. Fabulous is an app that will help you build the skills you want to. Like any other productivity app, it will remind you what to do at what time. But this app is different from other productivity apps, because after each level, you”ll receive a personalized electronic letter that will help you in understanding why is that skill or habit a good one and why should one include it in their life. 

6. We Heart It


I would like to describe it as a child of Instagram and Pinterest. It’s an app with a huge collection of pictures of some many various things such as inspirational quotes to amazing photographs of myriad of things ranging from makeup products to outfit ideas to hairstyle that are very aesthetic. I download all my mobile wallpapers from here and they all are amazing.

7. Tumblr


Are you a fangirl of literally anything? Then this app is for you. Tumblr is a social media platfrom that brings people from all over the world who love the same movie star, television series or music artist into one community, fandom groups etc. It’s such a good feeling to know people based on similar liking. But fair warning, once you are in tumblr, you are always in tumblr. This app is so addictive, I spend most of my time and internet on this app. I have made so many friends over tumblr, it’s worth it.

8. Wattpad


Do you love reading? If yes, then I would love to introduce you to wattpad. Wattpad is an online community for writers as well as the readers. Book of genres ranging from fan-fiction to sci-fi, everything can be found here. Amateur writers all around the world publish their books for free on this website, books which are freely available to read. Here you can read anything, you can write your own book, you can make connections with people who has the same taste in books like you do. It’s such a great platform for rising writers because books posted here are actually published such as the famous Harry Styles fan-fiction ‘After’ by Anna Todd was a wattpad fan-fiction until it was found as a paperback book in stores and many other. This is the best app I could ever have on my phone.

9. VSCO Cam


By far the best photo editing app ever. Amazing filters, amazing editing tools, it also helps one planning their Instagram themes. I edit all of my Instagram pictures with the help of this app. Girl, if you want those 1K followers, I strongly suggest you to use this editing app and you won’t be disappointed. Although it’s a free app that comes with preset filters, you need to pay to avail all of the filters.  

10. Uber


We all know what uber is, if not: Uber is an cab service app. You can call a cab from wherever you are and it will drop you wherever you want to. Hailing a Uber cab is better than hailing a city taxi because sometimes city taxi don’t want to go to the place you want to go, also Uber is cheaper than the taxi meters. Uber services are satisfactory and safe. Uber service is for 24 hours. Partying late at night at your friend’s place? Next time just call for an Uber and go home safely.

These apps are some of the best apps in their categories and they are all freely available on Play Store and App Store. The best part about these apps are that they are very user friendly, their interfaces are very simple.  I personally use all of them and I love all of them. Try them out for yourself and enjoy.