7 Types of Girls you should Avoid in your Girl Gang

We all have different kinds of girl friends, usually in your gang, each girl is different. And that’s a good thing. You may have come across a few girl in your gang or group that make you second guess your friendship with them. Here are some of those kind of girls.

1. The Attention Craver


Every gang of girls has one of these, the one who always has to be center of attention. She’s loud, and tries to be FUNNY, Especially around boys, everything is about her, she has to look the best, and get all the good looking guys, and jealousy is the only thing she experiences if one of the other girls gets a good looking guy.

2. Two Faced


Every girl bitches about each other, but some girls just take it to a whole new level. She will jump at the chance to bitch about a mutual friend, so what makes you think she doesn’t do the same to you? Rolling eyes are one of their common habits.

3. Someone Who Uses You


These are the people who suddenly become your best friends as soon as you get something new, like a car or something. All of a sudden they actually care about you and remember you. They will drop you as soon as something, or someone better comes along.

4. Bad Influence


Yeah sure, its okay to have a drink occasionally, but many teen struggle to not go over board. Having a friend who’s the source of temptation isn’t what you need in your life. They try make you do all the bad things they do, regardless of what you want to do.

5. Someone Whom Copies Everything You Do


That one who has everything you have and does everything you do. I mean its flattering sometimes, but having someone who’s basically you in another body is annoying. Everyone has their own unique identity, so it sucks when someone tries to steal yours.

6. Someone who drags You Down


These type of friends are hard to be with, they do it so discreetly, that it hits you much harder. They usually drag you down because they’re jealous of you. You don’t need “friends” like that, friends that you cant be yourself around because your scared of what they’re going to say.

7. Mean


Some people are just plain mean. You can’t change them, or be yourself around them. You feel like you cant trust them at all, its just a gut feeling that is probably true. Why would you want to be associated with people like that, be friends with people who bring out the best in you, not the stress.