20 Hairstyles For Boys That Won’t Go Anywhere in 2017

Hey there, reader! 2016 has been a long, hard year on all of us. We very well know what stress does to our hair: It makes it lifeless. Now that this long, treacherous year is coming to an end, take a step back to reminisce whatever you have done, and look forward to the new year, in style. And the first thing is to prep your hair for the celebrations you’re about to take part in. Read on to find out 20 hairstyles that you could rock in the New Year.

1. Short Textured Haircut

This is good for men who don’t have very thick hair and provides a moody, curvy style to the sharp contours of the face, which improves the overall aesthetics of it.

short textured haircut

2. Short Textured Crop Haircut

This is another haircut for those guys not blessed with thick hair. This is similar to the previous haircut but look at the difference made by the cropping on the sides.

Short Textured Crop Haircut

3. Short Ragged Cut

This is a great version of the previous haircut for guys with curly hair. Look how the sharp edges meet the curls, which gives a great visual treat for others.

Short Undercut Hairstyle For Guys

4. High Fade Quiff

This is a haircut for all of those thick-haired guys out there. This provides an uber-cool variation to the otherwise classy quiff.

Image result for new hairstyle men 2016

5. Combed-back Hairstyle + Medium Fade

This is a great haircut for those guys with ridiculously straight hair. You can get this hair by blow-drying your hair back while using a comb.

Teen's Side Part Fade Hairstyle

6. Spiky and Short

This is a really imposing hairstyle to have, which is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Image result for spiky kids hair

7. Short and Classy

A haircut that involves a lot of scissor-work, this is one hairstyle that’s guaranteed to make you look older than you actually are. This is the choice of a great many celebrities and sports stars alike.

short hairstyle for teenage boys

8. High Skin Fade Cut

This haircut involves the fade on the sides to be very high, so if you have an oval face, this hairstyle would suit you perfectly.

Spiked Guys Hairstyle

9. Natural Medium Cut + Taper Fade

This is a unique hairstyle which is sure to set the style quotient ablaze in the New Year. Be sure to sport it if you’re planning to do something adventurous.

Justine Bieber formal hairstyle

10. Very Short Textured + Stubble

If you can grow a stubble, this is probably the best haircut you can sport from this list. The stubble beautifully compliments the short length of the hair on your head.

Image result for very short hair with stubble

11. Medium Cut Pompadour

This is another great hairstyle for the thick-haired guys out there. The pompadour adds to your overall attractiveness, so this hairstyle is proven among the ladies!

Burst Fade Hairstyle For Teenagers

12. Bald Fade + Curly Hair

This is a daring hairstyle for those guys with curly hair. This is a make-or-break, but do give it a try if you are really adventurous.

Teen Curly Undercut Haircut

13. Wavy Undercut

This is a favorite of many older men who have really wavy hair. This hairstyle keeps the wavy hair out of your face, thereby making it really useful.

Wavy Taper Fade Hairstyle

14. Classic Side part

This brings back memories of the 50s, and we can say that old is gold by rocking this unique, vintage hairstyle, which is sure to make heads turn.

Boys Side Part Taper Cut

15. Slicked back + Hard Part

Inspired from the footballer Ronaldo’s hairstyle, this is popular among many teens today. If you feel like being a part of the sports herd, try this hairstyle.

Boy's Fade With Shaved Side Part

16. Long Side Part

This is usually sported by the uber cool stud-types of high schools, and rock stars through various ages. If you have the patience to grow long hair, then do try this out. There are cons, though. You have to really take care of your hair with this hairstyle.

Guys Long Top Side Part Hairstyle

17. Layered Long Hair on the Top

This is a pretty common sight nowadays, with countless teenagers and boys sporting this hairstyle. It is very easy to maintain, and is stylish too!

Long Top Shaved Sides Hairstyle For Boys

18. Spiky Fauxhawk

The trusted old classic of boys in their mischievous prime, this hairstyle will continue to exist in 2017.

Choppy Fauxhawk Fade For Teens

19. Ponytail

Taken from the pages of men’s haircuts, this is a promising haircut for the teens of this age. But the downside of this hairstyle is that it requires a lot of maintenance.

Line Up Undercut With Long Hair On Top

20. Mohawks

This is an out-there hairstyle for guys. If you have the guts and the patience, sport it. Rest guaranteed that you’ll be the center of attention.

Image result for boys mohawk

After having seen so many hairstyles, don’t get lazy. Grab your phone, go to your barber and show him any one of the above hairstyles for you to get in the New Year!