11 Reasons to say no to Firecrackers this Diwali


Diwali is popularly known as the “Festival of Lights” in India. Apart from listening to mythological stories, worshiping God and receiving sweets and gifts, what an Indian teenager looks forward to the most is crackers.

Bursting crackers might give Indian teenagers some pleasure but these crackers also harm the environment and other people around them.

Hence, it is time to do something different and avoid bursting crackers this Diwali.  

1. Our Earth has enough problems already

Our Earth is already facing a lot of problems like Global Warming, Air Pollution etc. Hence, parents should strongly advise their  children to avoid bursting crackers this Diwali.

2. Bursting crackers is a waste of money

Bursting crackers is wasteful, harmful and pointless. Hence, it is better to not burn money on crackers.

3. Burst ego, not crackers

It is better for you to burst your ego than burst crackers this Diwali.

4. Staying happy without crackers

You should take the initiative and tell your parents that you are happy without crackers.

5. Bursting crackers is cruel on animals

Bursting crackers is a torture for animals especially stray dogs and cats that are in direct danger of getting harmed by the crackers and their loud noise.

6. Better to change oneself than to allow the climate to be changed

It is time for you to bring the change and stop bursting crackers to save our climate.

7. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle : The way forward

Teenagers should be taught the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling so that they stop bursting crackers and adopt ways to make our planet pollution-free.

8. Bursting crackers generates a lot of waste

It is better to avoid bursting crackers this Diwali because a lot of waste is generated on burning crackers.

9. Banning crackers is the solution

It is better that the Indian government bans the manufacture and sale of crackers because crackers are harmful for the environment.

10. Bursting crackers is harmful for asthma patients

Bursting crackers causes a lot of problems to asthma patients who experience difficulties in breathing. 

11. Celebrate Green Diwali, Celebrate Nature

Celebrating a green Diwali is the best way to celebrate nature.