10 ways to improve your Smartphone’s Battery life

Hey there, reader! Ever had the unfortunate incident of your phone shutting down in public, throwing you back to stone age in a second? That is precisely the problem with the new phones they’re throwing our way: Low Battery life. Well, the low capacity due to the thinner device and the larger components makes the possibility of running out of juice a real threat, and this article shows you the ways on how to extend your phone’s battery life.

1. Turn the brightness down

The screen of a phone is the biggest battery draining means it has. If you don’t want to strain your eyes as well as the battery life, keep the screen brightness to a more suitable level and turn the adaptive brightness off as it keeps the display at high brightness, thus draining the battery.


2. Verify the battery-draining apps and stop them

In Android devices, you have the opportunity to see how much battery an app has consumed over time, and put an end to it. Do this at least twice a day to optimize your battery life or when you see your percentage going down really fast. In iOS, double tap the home button to see the background apps, and swipe them to shut down their processes.

3. Keep the auto screen turn-off brief

This is the time interval between you not using the phone and the display turning off. Needless to say, every second counts here. Use the shortest time period in your device for this setting. In android, the minimum time period is usually 15 seconds, and in iOS, it is one minute.


4. Reduce the usage of Location Services and GPS

Your smartphone’s GPS hardware is a battery drainer. Even though your phone constantly uses it in the background to track you and your data (for mapping, running, and navigation), it uses a lot of your battery. Turn the Location Services setting to off on your device when you don’t require it.


5. Don’t leave apps running in the background

The processes of the app you just exited from might run on in the background. So, double tap on the home screen icon (or whichever setting you chose) to reach the list of the apps running in the background and swipe them to their demise.


6. Turn off unnecessary push notifications

You might have the push email app on your phone, which alerts you immediately if you’ve received an email. This entire process of making the sound, turning the display on for a few seconds and allowing you to check it results in the drain of battery. This is worsened if you have a lot of notifications. So, turn the push email notifications to ‘fetch’ mode, and turn off the notifications for that family group chat in which you don’t participate anyway.


7. Use power-saving modes if required

If your battery is too low, enable the battery saving mode in your device. It depends on the device you use, but there is an inbuilt power saving mode in every smartphone nowadays.


8. Set the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode regularly

When you are sleeping or are performing any activity that requires your full concentration, your phone should be kept on ‘Do not Disturb’ mode. This has a twofold benefit: Your concentration won’t be disturbed, and your phone’s battery will not be unnecessarily used.


9. Keep the phone and the battery cool

There are reports suggesting that the overuse of the smartphone which leads to overheating reduces the overall life of the battery of the phone, or much worse, the durability of the phone itself. So the next time you notice your fingers burning when you are using the phone, make sure you put it down.


10. Don’t use the live wallpaper and widgets

The seemingly harmless widgets and the live wallpaper use much more battery than you think. The widgets are constantly connected to the internet, and the live wallpaper uses up your graphic resources, thus draining you battery really efficiently.


If you know any other secrets to boost smartphone battery life, do let us know in comments below.